The Language and Cognition Lab is directed by Dr. Anna Papafragou, Professor of Psychology. Research in our lab focuses on language acquisition and the relation between linguistic and perceptual/conceptual representations.

This area of study draws on multiple disciplines including developmental and cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, and theoretical linguistics. We are particularly interested in exploring the differences between universal and language-specific aspects of language acquisition and whether and how those differences might affect (non-linguistic) cognition. To do so, we compare children and adults who speak different languages.

We have a wide network of collaborators, both in the US and internationally, and we conduct experiments around the world, including sites in the United States, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Korea, and indigenous Mayan communities in Mexico.

Our work has received funding from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.


2016: The lab will mentor two visiting undergraduate McNair scholars for Summer 2016, Raevyn Johnson and Victor Ike.

2016: Ercenur Unal successfully defended her dissertation, titled "The language-cognition interface: Evidence from the domain of evidentiality." She will go on to a postdoctoral researcher position at Radboud University & Max Planck Insitute for Psycholinguistics.

2015: Amelia Weiss, an undergraduate in our lab, received a travel award to present her research at the 2nd Annual Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics (PSUxLing2).
2015: Ercenur Unal was awarded the UD Office of Graduate and Professional Education Graduate Fellowship.



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